Self Defense For Seniors Product Review: The Cell Phone Stun Gun

Senior residents are less able to have the option to shield themselves from a fierce assault than say their 30 year old partners. That is only an awful and genuine unavoidable truth. As the child of post war America age ages we find an ever increasing number of seniors living autonomously and that implies an expanded measure of senior residents strolling the roads. More seniors strolling the roads basically implies more likely focuses for slime ball aggressors seeking pay for their medication propensities or barely out for a speedy and simple buck. Human slime ball hunters are not that very different than some other types of hunter in that they will typically go after the ones they consider ‘most vulnerable’ as those will be the ones that present minimal measure of obstruction and at last require minimal measure of work and least measure of work. So how might a senior resident (or anybody so far as that is concerned) assist with making everything fair with these expected attackers and keep themselves and their friends and family safeguarded? An immobilizer may very well be the response and all the more explicitly a wireless immobilizer may be the best call.

Immobilizers work by disturbing the aggressor’s focal sensory system by controlling a high voltage, low amperage electrical flow. Luckily for the sleaze ball assailants this will just make him quit going after and will not, in by far most of cases, result in him with any long-lasting harm. The Pretender PDA immobilizer at 4.5 million volts will without 6.8 spc ammo make even the most thick and fierce aggressor set down and get along.

One thing I like to specify to my clients is that an immobilizer doesn’t need to be utilized to be successful and I imply that simply the popping sound and dazzling blue circular segment of power that the gadget radiates is many times to the point of discouraging somebody from endeavoring to take your handbag, wallet or anything it is they expect to take from you. Most miscreants will see that blue circular segment, hear that snapping and tell themselves that it simply does not merit the difficulty.

The cell immobilizer is likewise extremely undercover and is perfect for individuals who would rather not let the entire world in on that they are conveying a self-protection gadget. It closely resembles a genuine cell and to forestall coincidental release, two degrees of security have been inherent. The wellbeing switch should be in the on position (this will make a LED cautioning light come on) and the trigger button squeezed before the unit will work.

So in the event that you’re a senior resident and hoping to safeguard yourself call security with the Pretender cell immobilizer.

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